Understanding Federal Law

In order to use any tool or machine, it is important to understand the laws regarding its use. This could not be truer with respect for gun laws. While each state has its own unique laws regarding firearm ownership and purchase, the laws at the federal level may differ even more. Here are a few essential federal gun laws that everyone should understand.

  • Felons cannot own firearms

    Convicted Felons

    If you are a convicted felon, or even if you are under indictment, you cannot legally own a firearm or ammunition. This goes beyond violent felony convictions as well. Even those who are convicted of illegal drug use may be barred from purchasing or owning a firearm and any ammo. If you are a felon, there should be no firearms or ammo where you live.

  • Illegal gun transfer

    Straw Purchases

    A straw purchase is when a person who is legally able to purchase a gun does so, and then he or she gives or sells the gun to someone who is not legally able to own or purchase one, such as a felon or illegal alien. Straw purchase convictions come with serious consequences. If you charged with this crime, you should find a criminal defense lawyer to defend you.

  • Out-of-state gun transfer laws

    Out-of-State Gun Transfers

    Out-of-state gun transfer laws comes with a few rare exceptions, but for the most part, if you are privately selling one or more of your firearms, you might only be able to sell it to someone who resides in the state where you live. It is also important to keep in mind that you cannot continually sell firearms for profit without a Federal Firearms License.

Altering a Firearm is Illegal

You cannot alter a firearm to fire automatically like a machine gun. It is also illegal to alter a firearm in this manner and then sell it. Even if you were not aware that it was illegal to purchase, sell, or alter a firearm in some way, ignorance of the law will not protect you from the consequences, which usually includes steep fines and serious jail time.